U-CrAc is a user-centered interdisciplinary workshop that has been held every year since 2008, where students from Aalborg University must work with innovation and research in a planned course of work together with companies from both the private and public sector. 

I participated in U-CrAc on my 7th semester at my masters in Interactive Digital Media.
Our case was Hals Skanse museum and the task was how to make an unmanned exhibition using technology.

You can see more about U-CrAc if you click the button below or scroll down and see the result of our work

This re-design involves a solution that can navigate / guide the guest round at the exhibition; convey knowledge about the exhibition / artifacts; convey so that it is both entertaining, but also informative.
We made a video from a first person perspectiv and we have made a video based on various techniques that should give the user a sense of the experience they can expect on "the new technological Skansen". We focused on a user experience that should be participatory as the main target group is school classes. 

See the video below

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