My big passion is dogs. Animals en general in fact, but i spend a lot of my spare time on dogs. Both on my own dumpling and I'm a previous volunteer at Dansk Dyreværn Aalborgs dog shelter and dog hotel. 
In fact I have combined my passion for the animals with my passion for working with digital media. 

Below you can see examples of the results of my fusion between my passions 
for various volunteer-jobs and work on a hobby basis 
For Dansk Dyreværn Aalborg I have made various brochures and other graphic work using 
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop
The main goal was to build a styleguide so all the material fra Dansk Dyreværn Aalborg is recognizable. They wanted it to be cute but at the same time very eye catching. So we went with the pink color from the logo, cute dog illustrations and pictograms to make it more compelling, fun and memorable. 
For Farstrup Vildtplejestation I have taken pictures, made a video with the pictures and old pictures the owners and caretakers have taken themselfs in Premiere Pro and made e-mail setups in in search of sponsors and interested buyers for the site. 
They wanted it all low-key, so the video is very simpel and does not represent all i can do in videomaking, but represent the look and feeling and style they wanted it. 
For care for dogs I have made graphic material for promotional use and then I have taken in-action pictures to be used as SoMe material in storytelling after we have had a talk about soMe-strategies. Because they have not been published yet due to confidentiality. 


Dog photography​​​​​​​
I've done some Dog photografphy mostly on a hobby base but also to events or for marketing material for small businesses 

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