Hi, I'm Jeanette Frost! 

I hold an MSc.it in Interactive Digital Media and have a bachelor’s degree in communication. I can contribute the latest knowledge within UX and UI and strategic communication, especially in SoMe communication. I’m passionate about UX and UI design. I believe that the good user experience adds value both businesses and users.
Personally I'm 26 years old, live with my boyfriend in with our dog Winston. 
As a person I am happy and smiling, have great sense of humor, and I'm a creative soul with a penchant for cake baking and I'm crazy about dogs. 
In a working context I am a team player who works well in teams. I like to lift in the heavy end and think creatively in problem solving context. I am responsible, dedicated to my work and flexible in both my work processes and working hours. I am conscientious and a colleague with a smile on the lip that thinks good atmosphere is incredibly important for a good working environment.
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